VOlunteer Opportunities

There are so many opportunities to serve!

We want to help you find your passion and get you plugged into areas of ministry that excite you the most. Select opportunities from our Worship, Hospitality, Children's, Youth, Adult, Behind-the-Scenes, and Outreach teams.

Check out our current Service Groups below...

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry exists to reach out to students, equip teens and their parents for ministry, promote faith and growth, while putting it all into practice.

If you have a passion for students and teens, here is what you can expect. Volunteers will:  serve as small group leaders for D-Groups; guide students towards a stronger faith and practice in Jesus Christ; participate in, lead, and supervise seasonal events; and connect with parents to build lasting relationships in order to show God's love.

Contact Matt Crossman

Children's Ministry

The Children's Ministry exists to make disciples and encourage children to walk with Jesus every step of the way in order to develop Cornerstone's children into the person God meant them to be.

If you have a passion for Children, here is what you can expect. Volunteers will: serve in a wide range of diverse age groups; teach Bible lessons; play energetic games and lead fun activities; nurture and grow lasting relationships with children; and partner with parents to build Christ-like love within the family.

Contact Ben Radant

Worship Ministry

The Worship Ministry exists to worship Jesus Christ through music, praise, and community fellowship with one another. 

If your passion is worship, here is what you can expect. Volunteers will: elevate the Sunday Morning worship service through song, vocals, and instrumental talents; commit to refining their skills within a community of like-minded musicians; and engage with the congregation in order to promote faith and worship.

Contact Collin Moneymaker

Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry exists to warmly welcome guests into the building and set them up for success here at Cornerstone. 

If you have a passion for people, here is what you can expect. Volunteers will: serve on our Welcome Team by meeting new people and establishing connections; building relationships with returning guests; directing first-time guests towards key points throughout the building; and serving as a smiling face to those entering our building for the first time. 

Contact Joshua Bush

Food Pantry

This ministry exists to meet the basic food needs of those who are struggling against hunger. In addition to food, the Food Pantry also provides basic household supplies and personal care products to those who need them. 

Here is what you can expect by serving in the Food Pantry: 

The Food Pantry opens to the public twice a month, each month on Saturday mornings. Volunteers help to package bags of food, distribute them to those in attendance, organize donations given to the pantry, and serve the wider community of Brownsburg. 

Contact Paula Rader


The Outreach Ministry exists to transform both our local and global communities in order to draw people into God's Kingdom.

If you have a passion for outreach, here is what you can expect. Volunteers will: Engage in a wide variety of community service projects; promote the church locally and abroad in order to build relationships with the people we serve; and seek to show people the love of Christ through our actions.

Contact Joshua Bush