Preteen Lessons

Just because we can't meet @ church doesn't mean that we can't still BE the Church!  

Here you will find some resources and lessons for your preteens that you can do wherever you are.  Scroll down to find content for the entire series!

  • jesus at the beach: calling the disciples

    Lesson 1: Calling of the First Disciples

    Bible Passages: Matthew 4:18-20

    Bottom Line: Jesus is calling us to be a part of something big, and you're invited! 


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  • Worship & Resources

    Here is a playlist of songs for your preteens to worship.  It will be updated every week on Wednesday.



  • Arrrmor of god lesson 4: ye olde peg leg

    This is our last lesson in this series.  This week we cover the last piece of armor, your footwear.  The message of God's great love is meant to be shared and it's up to us to take it to as many people as we can.  Key scripture:  Matthew 28:16-20.

    Lesson HERE

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  • Arrrmor of god lesson 3 truth & spirit

    We are looking at two parts of the Armor of God this week, the Belt of Truth and the Sword of the Spirit. 

    Lesson HERE

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  • arrrmor of god: ye old eye patch 7/19/20

    Week 2 of our series that explores the Armor of God found in Ephesians.  This lesson looks at the Shield of Faith.

    Lesson HERE

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    Eye Patch Video HERE

  • Arrrmor of god Lesson 1 - hat 7/12/20

    We will explore the Armor of God from Ephesians 6:10-18, but instead of only looking at the Roman armor, we'll use Pirate garb.  Why?  Well, it's fun!

    Lesson HERE

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    Bonus Pirate Video HERE