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At Cornerstone we are “Following Jesus and Showing Others the Way.” Our greatest goal is to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

Jesus told his followers in Matthew 28:19 to “make disciples, teaching them everything that I have commanded you.” At Cornerstone we have defined a disciple as a person who is saved by Jesus, lives by His teachings, and leads others to do the same.

Statements of purpose and vision change over time within any church or organization, but the vision that Jesus had was for His followers to make more and better disciples until He returns. Cornerstone Christian Church has dedicated itself to this vision. Everything we do at Cornerstone is evaluated according to its disciple making function.

At Cornerstone we are building a community where spiritual and relational needs are met and we follow Jesus and show others the way. It is impossible to build true community in a weekly one hour service. The emphasis at Cornerstone is for involvement in small, medium, and large groups where we can develop friendships, serve, worship, and grow to be more like Jesus Christ.